Web Sites with lots of Info

A Gallery of Visualization Galleries
247 ways to draw trees
Gallery of many many different types of visualizations
Another Gallery, organized by subject matter being visualized
Census Bureau InfoVis Gallery
Tableau InfoVis Gallery
Google Charts Gallery
D3 Gallery and even more D3
Big collection from New York Times and The Guardian


Color Tools

0 to 255

Useful for generating web-safe color palettes.

Color Brewer 2.0

Web based tool to generate color palettes.

Color Laboratory

Another web-based tool to create swatches and palettes. Also allows the user to simulate how colors would be perceived  by people with 8 types of color deficiency.


Infovis Toolkits/Libraries

Directories to a hugh number of  Toolkits

Official D3 Site
Official D3 Wiki
D3 API Reference
D3 Tutorial by Scott Murray (highly recommended! – Required D3 textbook is based on this.)
D3 on Stack Overflow
D3.js Google Group
Mike Bostock’s site
D3.js Gallery
Mike Bostock on
Jérôme Cukier and Scott Murray’s D3 tutorial at the Strata Conference
D3 For Mere Mortals
Mike Bostock’s D3 Tutorial
Vadim’s Lecture Slides, D3
Jerome Cukier’s D3 Cheat Sheet
FlowingData D3 Tips
D3, Conceptually
D3 Tutorial Videos by Ian Johnson – Vol I
D3 Tutorial Videos by Ian Johnson – Vol II
D3 Tips and Tricks
D3 Gallery

Another Javascript library from the Protovis team, but far more powerful and optimized. Uses HTML5, CSS3 and SVG to present transformations of data visually, using smooth transitions and animation.

End-User Visualization Software




Many Eyes



Data Sources

General Data Sources List

Wolfram Alpha
Metro Boston Data Common
Dataverse Network
Linked Data
Guardian DataBlog
Data Market
Reddit Open Data
Climate Data Sources
Climate Station Records
Free SVG Maps
UK Office for National Statistics
World Bank Catalog

Health Data

CDC Data

This is a good database of multivariate data and you should find interesting relationships if you decide to create visualizations using this.



Sports Data

Global Health Facts

UN Data

World Health Organization

OECD Statistics

World Bank

Census Beareau


Web Development

Enabling Web Developer Extensions in the Browser
Eloquent Javascript Book
Mozilla Developer Network
DevDocs – Unified documentation on all web technologies
Dive Into HTML5 – Homepage
Dive Into HTML5 – Canvas


Official git command line and GUI clients, official documentation


GitHub Client for Mac
GitHub Client for Windows
SourceTree for Mac and Windows
TortoiseGit for Windows

Tutorials etc.

Setting up git
Understanding git conceptually


Web Sites & Blogs

Flowing Data
Perceptual Edge
Information Aesthetics
Visual Complexity