Homework Assignments (HW)

Details on HW assignments are on the Canvas site for this course. Due dates for each assignments can be found on Canvas and on the course Schedule. Grading distributions can be found on the course Syllabus. Submit all HW assignments on Canvas. Unless indicated by the HW instructions, all HWs are to be completed individually.

Programming Assignments (Labs)

These individual assignments will teach you the basic skills for developing web-based visualizations. You are expected to complete these assignments using d3.js.

It is good practice to develop your assignments using some sort of version control. GaTech gives you access to GitHub, which is a good one to use if you haven’t done so already.

D3.js is the Javascript InfoVis toolkit we will use for the programming assignments. Go through the following short tutorial on the fundamentals and set up of D3.

When grading, we will use Google Chrome in Incognito Mode to run your visualizations. Further, when a server is required, we will use a python server on localhost.

When submitting on Canvas, make sure you submit a .zip containing all your files, and name it Lastname_Firstname.zip (e.g., Endert_Alex.zip), unless otherwise mentioned in the assignment.

Warning: There are many existing examples and source code widely available online. While these are great resources for you to learn, note that copying these is considered a breach of the rules from the Office of Student Integrity, and will be handled accordingly. Be careful and thoughtful. Many of the assignments will ask you to start from existing source code or examples. In these cases, it is expected that parts of your assignments will resemble the original. You are expected to start with these templates and build your submission to the assignments from there.

The labs start relatively simple, and increase in complexity throughout the semester. The due dates for the labs are listed on the Schedule and on Canvas. The labs can be accessed on the GitHub repo here: https://github.gatech.edu/CS4460/Spring23-Labs-PUBLIC. Notice that in order to access this repo, you must use your Georgia Tech Github account.

Carefully read through the Wiki for each Lab for instructions, submission requirements, etc. Remember, when you clone the labs, please make sure that you do not publicly share your code to avoid inadvertent plagiarism.