Alex Endert
Associate Professor
School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Tech

85 5th St., NW
Technology Square Research Building
Atlanta, GA 30332-0760

Office: TSRB 335
Tel. (404) 385-4477


PhD Students
Subhajit Das (CS) - usable ML model building;
Julia Deeb-Swihart (CS, co-advised w/Amy Bruckman) - helping law enforcement combat human trafficking;
Grace Guo (HCC) - explainable AI;
Fred Hohman (CSE, co-advise w/Polo Chau) - graph visual analytics; interpretable deep learning;
Hannah Kim (CSE, co-advised w/Haesun Park) - visual analytics and topic modeling;
Po Ming "Terrance" Law (CS, co-advised w/John Stasko) - visualization for comparison;
Arpit Narechania (CS) - visual analytics for functional vehicle safety;
Bahador Saket (CS) - visualization by demonstration; studying interaction in visualization;
Emily Wall (CS) - interactive model steering; mitigating cognitive bias during data analysis and exploration;
Shenyu Xu (CS) - making objective functions interactive for human-in-the-loop ML;


Meghan Galanif (MS-HCI) - visualizing uncertainty in state-reported vaccination rates;
Matt Britton (MS-CS) - visual analytics and topic modeling for browsing Reddit;
Ravish Chawla (MS-CS) - visual analytic technique for ranking;
Rachel Chen (MS-HCI) - visualization in computational journalism;
Sonal Jain (MS-CS) - text visual analytics for legal domains;
Steve Jones (MS-HCI) - baseball visual analytics;
Hannah Kim (MS-CS) - InterAxis;
Sakshi Pratap (MS-CS) - streaming visual analytics for finance;
Aishwariya Rajagopal (MS-CS) - user-driven topic models;
Bhargav Rajendra (MS-HCI) - interactive analytics library;
Pranav Ram (MS-CS) - structured analytical reasoning for visual analytics;
Pradeep Rajendran Vairamani (MS-CS) - text visual analytics;
Jianling Kelly Wang (MS-CS) - visualization recommendation systems;