Collaborative visual analytics (CVA) involves sensemaking activi- ties within teams of analysts based on coordination of work across team members, awareness of team activity, and communication of hypotheses, observations, and insights. We introduce a new type of CVA tools based on the notion of “team-first” visual analytics, where supporting the analytical process and needs of the entire team is the primary focus of the graphical user interface before that of the individual analysts. To this end, we present the design space and guidelines for team-first tools in terms of conveying analyst pres- ence, focus, and activity within the interface. We then introduce InsightsDrive, a CVA tool for multidimensional data, that contains team-first features into the interface through group activity visu- alizations. This includes (1) in-situ representations that show the focus regions of all users integrated in the data visualizations them- selves using color-coded selection shadows, as well as (2) ex-situ representations showing the data coverage of each analyst using multidimensional visual representations. We conducted two user studies, one with individual analysts to identify the affordances of different visual representations to inform data coverage, and the other to evaluate the performance of our team-first design with ex- situ and in-situ awareness for visual analytic tasks. Our results give an understanding of the performance of our team-first features and unravel their advantages for team coordination.


S.K. Badam, Z. Zeng, E. Wall, A. Endert, and N. Elmqvist, “Supporting Team-First Visual Analytics through Group Activity Representations“, Graphics Interface, 2017.