Alex Endert
Assistant Professor
School of Interactive Computing
Georgia Tech

85 5th St., NW
Technology Square Research Building
Atlanta, GA 30332-0760

Office: TSRB 335
Tel. (404) 385-4477


Research Interests
As data continues to grow in size and complexity, how will interactive data analysis continue to create insights? My primary research interests address this challenge through combining techniques from visualization, human-computer interaction, statistics, machine learning, and data mining. In particular, my students and I explore an approach for user interactions interactive data analysis called Semantic Interaction that utilizes machine learning techniques to combine the power of analytics with user-centered data exploration. See more at our VA.lab site.

Select Projects

Visualization by Demonstration
User interaction for visualization that lets people demonstrate intended visual mappings, data transformations, and visual representations to explore data.
Semantic Interaction for Model Steering
Coupling exploratory user interactions with analytic model parameterization increases the usability of visual analytics. We learn about users from their interactions, and adapt the computation accordingly.
Steering Multi-Attribute Scatterplot Axes
Scatterplots that show ouputs of dimension reduction models suffer from interpretability and interaction complexity. Interaxis is a visual analytic technique that makes that easier.
Novel Display and Interaction Modalities for Visual Analytics
More expressive forms of user interaction enhance analytic discourse between data analysis tools and analysts. We explore how different interaction and display modalities enhance insight into data.
Analytic Provenance
Data analysis consists of many steps, interactions, questions, and other activities to achieve insight. We explore methods for aiding data analysts capture, retrieve, and leverage their analytic provenance during and after analysis.

Recent News

New Papers at IEEE VIS 2016
The VA lab presented new papers at VIS this year. Check them out

Endert and Stasko Co-Taught a workshop at the US Air Force Academy
The workshop helped integrate visual analytics into the course curricula of the USAFA and US Coast Guard Academy. Endert and Stasko worked with small groups of professors and instructors from the service academies to integrate visual analytics into the learning objectives of their courses. 

Endert gave the visual analytics overview talk at VASS 2016
Alex was invited to speak at VASS 2016. His talk gave an overview of visual analytics to an audience of students and practitioners attending this iteration of the summer school at Middlesex University.  

New Papers at IEEE VIS 2015
Check out the 3 new papers published at IEEE VIS 2015 in Chicago. 

GVU Brownbag Seminar
Alex Endert presented at a recent GVU Brownbag Seminar. His presentation titled "Toward Interactive Visual Affordances for Visual Analytics" discusses a new interaction design space for interactive visual data exploration. 

Thanks GVU and iPaT! 
We're excited to hear that the GT GVU Center and iPaT has funded the GT VIS group. The grant is titled "Reimagining Humanities Visualization: A Research-Through-Design Workshop for Civic and Cultural Data". 

Thanks MSR! 
Our proposal titled "Data-Driven Decision-Making via Visual Analytics on the Microsoft Surface Hub" has been funded. The GT VIS Group looks forward to exploring the new interaction modalities for visual analytics.

Thanks PNNL!
Our proposal on "Sensemaking for Streaming Visual Analytics" has been funded by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory research initiative called Analysis in Motion

We created the GT VIS group! 
Check us out at If you want to stop by next time you're in Atlanta, let us know.