Assignments (A), and Mini-Projects (MP) are due by the start of class. All submissions should be done through t-square unless specifically stated otherwise in the description. This means that assignments are considered late if they are not submitted by the start time of the class on the day they are due. If you are expected to hand in hard copies (per the assignment description) you should expect to have them ready at the beginning of the class.

Note that there are two sections of CS7001 this semester. Unless otherwise noted in the schedule below, both sections will meet together in the scheduled location.

Here is the grading breakdown :
Activity/Assignment Grade Percentage
Class Participation and attendance 20%
Mini projects (MP1-MP3) 60% (20% each)
Assignments (A1-A4) 20% (5% each)

Note:Green Rows are part of the in-house Responsible Conduct of Research training. To receive credit for this training, you must attend class on these days.

Below is a tentative schedule for the semester.

Week Topic  Preparation
8/25/2016 Introduction and Overview

Why do your PhD presentations

Motivation and Time Management

9/8/2016 RCR1: Teaching and Mentoring

  • Responsibilities of mentors and trainees
9/15/2016 Generating Great Ideas, Recognizing Great Research
9/22/2016 [cancelled – football game will close campus]


How to give a great talk

Note: class will continue in the same room after CS 8001’s session is over

10/6/2016 RCR2: Research Ethics I 

  • Human Subjects/Institutional Review Board
10/13/2016 MP1 presentation day  A3

Networking Skills – social media & real

How to Write a Great Paper



Elevator Pitch Presentations

Note: class will continue in the same room after CS 8001’s session is over

 11/3/2016 RCR3: Research Ethics II

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Workspace conduct
  • Data Management
11/10/2016 RCR4: Science and Engineering in society, Peer Review


Mock PC Meeting

Note: class will continue in the same room after CS 8001’s session is over

11/24/2016 [no class – Thanksgiving]
12/1/2016  TBD
12/8/2016  TBD  MP3