Practice Paper Review

Purpose of the Assignment

This assignment will give you practice in writing a good review for a research publication. Research is often peer-reviewed. The papers you read, were once reviewed by a set of reviewers who had to make a decision about accepting or rejecting the paper. Writing reviews is not easy. Professionally critiquing work from others is a difficult, yet important task. It takes practice to learn how to give advice, and point out mistakes, while remaining positive and professional. Remember, each of you will be on the receiving side of many reviews over the course of your career.



You will be assigned to a group. Your group will be given a set of short papers to review. Each person in the group will review each of these papers, and assign it a score from 1 to 5 (similar to how papers submitted to conferences get scored – 5 is the highest score reviewers can assign to papers).

Please check the resources folder on t-square for your group assignments, paper assignments, and the pdfs of the papers. Each member of the group must read each paper, give it a score, and write at least 3-5 short comments about the paper. For comments, provide a combination of topics about comments, including strengths of the paper and areas of improvements. Remember to be constructive!

In class on the day A4 is due, we will have an in-class Program Committee (PC) meeting. During this time, your group will meet and discuss each paper. Ultimately, your group must decide which of the 2 paper get “accepted”, and which one’s do not.