Reading Key:

  • IDVW = Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, Scott Murray
  • NUSIt = Now You See It, Stephen Few
  • DI = Designing for Information, Isabel Meirelles
  • Websites and other online material is directly linked

Notice that the schedule is under construction and subject to change before the first day of class.


Date Day

(Before class)

(links posted after lecture)

Assignment Due
(By start of class unless otherwise noted)

Jan. 10 Tu Course Syllabus, Schedule, Website, Mutual Expectations for Course Introduction
Jan. 12 Th NUSIt: Intro, Ch1

Paper: J. Heer, M. Bostock, and V. Ogievetsky, “A Tour through the Visualization Zoo”, Communications of the ACM, Vol. 53, No. 6, June 2010, pp. 59-67.

InfoVis Overview – Types of InfoVises and Interactions HW1
Jan. 17 Tu IDVW: Ch1, Ch2, Ch3, Ch4

(1) Explore
(2) Setup D3 on your personal computer.
(3) Watch at least one youtube video about d3.js.

D3 Lecture 1 – Overview and Technology Stack

Bring laptop! Getting started with D3, GitHub

Jan. 19 Th NUSIt: Ch2,Ch12 Data Items, Attributes, Table and Visualization Primitives PHW1
Jan. 24 Tu NUSIt: Ch3 Visualization Design Principles 1: Why we visualize data, Gestalt, Perception HW2
Jan. 26
Th IDVW: Ch5,Ch6,Ch7 D3 lecture / practicum 2 – Creating Basic Visualizations

Bring laptop! More on D3 (Barcharts, axes, labels, JSON)



Jan. 31 Tu NUSIt: Ch5,Ch6 Visualization Design Principles 2: Best Practices from Tufte, Few, and others PHW2
Feb. 2 Th NUSIt: CH4 Tasks and Analysis 1 Project Milestone 1
Feb. 7 Tu Paper: Amar, Robert, James Eagan, and John Stasko. “Low-level components of analytic activity in information visualization.” IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization, 2005. INFOVIS 2005.. IEEE, 2005. Tasks and Analysis 2
Feb. 9 Th DI: Ch1 Graphs and Networks Project Milestone 2
Feb. 14 Tu DI: Ch2 Hierarchies and Trees
Feb. 16 Th IDVW: Ch8, Ch9, Ch10, Ch11 D3 lecture / practicum 3 – Interaction and UI

Bring laptop!

Feb. 21 Tu Re-read all material from NUSIt; review your notes and PPTs. Review for test 1

Suggestions for group study

HW3 (due by 8pm Monday, Feb. 20)
Feb. 23 Th  study Test 1
Feb. 28 Tu Paper: Yi, Ji Soo, et al. “Toward a deeper understanding of the role of interaction in information visualization.” IEEE transactions on visualization and computer graphics 13.6 (2007): 1224-1231. User Interaction 1 Project Milestone 3
Mar. 2 Th User Interaction 2
Mar. 7 Tu  DI: Ch6Online book by Marti Hearst: Search User Interfaces, chapters 10 and 11 Text and Documents 1 PHW3
Mar. 9 Th Text and Documents 2 HW4
Mar. 14 Tu Time Series Data Project Milestone 4
Mar. 16 Th DI: Ch3,
NUSIt: Ch7
Peer Review Milestone 4 in class Bring Project Milestone 4 hardcopy to class
Mar. 21
(spring break)
Tu Enjoy! no lecture
Mar. 23
(spring break)
Th Enjoy! no lecture
Mar. 28 Tu Watch these videos:
Video 1, Video 2, Video 3
d3 lecture #4 PHW4
Mar. 30 Th d3 lecture #5 Project Milestone 5

PHW4 (due Mar. 31 @ 5pm)

Apr. 4 Tu NUSIt: Ch13 Visual Analytics 1
Apr. 6  Th Visual Analytics 2 & Vis on Other Devices PHW5
Apr. 11 Tu  Reread all material from NUSIt and DI since Test 1, review PPts and your class notes. Review for test 2 HW5 (due by 8pm on Monday, Apr. 10)
Apr. 13 Th  study  Test 2
Apr. 18 Tu Milestone 6 meetings with TAs Milestone 6 meetings with TAs Project Milestone 6: Demo partially-working project to GTA this week. Meeting schedule posted on Wiki.
Apr. 20 Th Milestone 6 meetings with TAs Milestone 6 meetings with TAs
Apr. 25 Tu Last class day; no reading assignment Project Video presentations Project Milestone 7 & 8 (due by start 3:00pm April 25): executable software, project video and final report electronically.
Final Exam Tuesday, May 2
6:00pm – 8:50pm
Instr. Center rm. 205
Project Video presentations Project Peer Evaluation survey due (link via announcements in t-square).