Supporting Team-First Visual Analytics through Group Activity Representations

Abstract Collaborative visual analytics (CVA) involves sensemaking activi- ties within teams of analysts based on coordination of work across team members, awareness of team activity, and communication of hypotheses, observations, and insights. We introduce a new type of CVA tools based on the notion of “team-first” visual analytics, where supporting the analytical [...]

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Four Perspectives on Human Bias in Visual Analytics

Abstract Mixed-initiative visual analytic systems steer analytical models and adapt views by making inferences from users’ behavioral patterns with the system. Because such systems rely on incorporating implicit and explicit user feedback, they are particularly susceptible to the injection and propagation of human biases. To ultimately guard against the potentially negative effects of systems [...]

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Podium: Ranking Data Using Mixed-Initiative Visual Analytics

Abstract People often rank and order data points as a vital part of making decisions. Multi-attribute ranking systems are a common tool used to make these data-driven decisions. Such systems often take the form of a table-based visualization in which users assign weights to the attributes representing the quantifiable importance of each attribute to a [...]

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Warning, Bias May Occur: A Proposed Approach to Detecting Cognitive Bias in Interactive Visual Analytics

Abstract Visual analytic tools combine the complementary strengths of humans and machines in human-in-the-loop systems. Humans provide invaluable domain expertise and sensemaking capabilities to this discourse with analytic models; however, little consideration has yet been given to the ways inherent human biases might shape the visual analytic process. In this paper, we establish a conceptual framework for considering bias [...]

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Evaluating Interactive Graphical Encodings for Data Visualization

Abstract User interfaces for data visualization often consist of two main components: control panels for user interaction and visual representation. A recent trend in visualization is directly embedding user interaction into the visual representations. For example, instead of using control panels to adjust visualization parameters, users can directly adjust basic graphical [...]

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